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About Me

Age: 22

Height: 168m

Weight: 46kg

Dress Size: 7

boob size : d cup

Hey everyone, Lydia here, your adorable Japanese girl-next-door! Imagine a sweet, innocent beauty with a complexion as fair as freshly fallen snow, and skin so pure it practically glows. Standing tall at 170cm, my legs are like pillars of white jade, sleek and elegant.


When it comes to stockings, whether it's sleek black or pristine white, I've got the perfect pair to complete my look. 

And let's talk about my facial features – think of me as that cute, sweet girl next door, with a face so pure it's like a cup of jasmine tea, refreshing and delightful in its simplicity.

Now, about my figure – slender and luminous, I'm practically shining with perfection. And my legs – they're so flawless, they could steal the show even if I were completely bare.

So, if you're looking for some quality time with a stunning beauty like me, why not treat yourself to a session? And remember, my nipples are cute, blush-worthy secrets waiting to be discovered!

 350/30mins 550/60mins

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