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About Me

Age: 22

Height: 168cm

Weight: 46kg

Dress Size: 6

Bra Size: E

Nationaltiy: korean

Price: 550/60min 1100/2hours

Hey there! I'm May, your quintessential Korean cutie pie with a dash of Jiangnan flair—think delicate features wrapped up in a playful, petite package!

My Looks? Well, let's just say I've got that authentic Korean glow that's as radiant as the morning dew. My face is like a little doll's—tiny and perfectly sculpted, with a hint of a blush that could make a peach jealous. My eyes? They're the kind that twinkle with mischief, a flirty flicker that can weave a thousand tales, and lips as red and inviting as the season's first strawberries!

My Figure? Oh, where to start! I've got curves that just won't quit, a pair of EE assets that demand attention, and a waist that's as angular and natural as they come. My legs are long, lean, and oh-so-luscious, like a painter's final stroke on a canvas. And at 166CM, I'm just the right size for a fun adventure or a cozy cuddle!

So there you have it. I'm May, your pocket-sized enchantress with a personality as captivating as the tales of old. Come a little closer, and let's make today something unforgettable!

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