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About Me

Age: 21

Height: 170cm

Weight: 50kg

Dress Size: 7

Bra Size: c

Nationaltiy: chinese

Price: 350/30min, 450/45min, 550/60min

Introducing karina, the latest exclusive gem unearthed by SH, an 18-year-old newcomer with a fresh and tender charm. She's currently immersed in her studies at a prestigious preparatory program, ranking among the top eight in Australia. But it's her captivating appearance that truly sets her apart.

Cake is adorned with a pair of exceptionally large, doll-like eyes that exude an endearing, almost pitiful innocence. They're the kind of eyes that could melt the stoniest of hearts, framed by the softest, most downy lashes reminiscent of a babe. Her round face is the picture of youthful softness, and her skin is as pure and fair as the finest porcelain.

Despite her slim and delicate frame, karina possesses a figure that is both youthful and alluring. Her behind is a perfect, perky handful, and soft, with a natural glow that's been certified by the beauty customer service. Her C cup breasts are a vision of firmness and invitation, with the most delicate, blushing areolas that respond eagerly to the slightest caress, all wrapped in an essence of innocence.

karina's personality is as delightful as her looks. At first glance, she may seem shy and demure, but engage with her and you'll quickly discover a lively, playful spirit with a dash of mischief. Her smile reveals a set of charming tiger teeth that add to her endearing appeal.

karina is more than just a pretty face; she's a sweet confection waiting to be savored by those who appreciate the finer things in life. Are you ready to meet the sweet and innocent Cake, the one who's pure, playful, and just a touch tantalizing? She's here, eager to bring a taste of her unique sweetness to your world.

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